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About Us

Ljanik is an online e-commerce website being operated from Chandigarh, India. and can be contacted at the under-noted address in case of any information.

Sales Officer (Ljanik)
11923 NE Summer St
STE 772353
Oregon (US)

After successfully competing in an Indian Market, Ljanik expanded itself into USA and Canada. Ljanik in its early days operated with its unique idea of online bargaining where customer decided how much he/she wanted to pay for a item and the site did not operate on the basis of pre-decided displayed prices. It was a win-win position for customer as well as seller and both were satisfied after completion of a deal.

Ljanik is a well know brand in India which started with the manufacturing of more than 100 different types of chocolates exclusively available in India and was also dealing in export of chocolates to Middle East and Europe.

Today, Ljanik, along with chocolates and E-commerce has established itself into Real Estate and manufacturing of Readymade Garments. The demand of the products of Ljanik is increasing regularly and we assure you that we will never let our customers feel that they have not got their value for money. Our tagline is Quality with Affordability and we assure you it will always be implemented in a true spirit.

Ljanik has establishted itself into Social Media Networking and the same is in beta stage and has been launched in some cities of India.